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How to introduce a Maine Coon cat to her\his new home?

Tips for making your baby kitten feel less stressed of the changes

When you get the Maine Coon cat for the first time, it should not be set upon by every member of your households all at once. It is better to introduce them gradually to try to reduce the stress as much as possible for the cat, and allow it to adapt and feel at home in their own way.

Your new Maine Coon cat adapts to your home perfectly with your love, caring and giving them the space they need. At first you are going to excited to interact with them, but be gentle and have in mind that they are now starting a new chapter of their life with you and they need some time to feel comfortable and safe.

You need to be set with couple of things for the kitten before they come, these are:

1. First you need to educate yourself for the characteristics of the breed that you are going to have a pet.

2. Second thing is to find good local vet. Google you area's vets and choose the one that suits most of your needs and expectations.

3. There are thing you need to buy in order for the kitty to have the basics for their needs. Most important is cat food ( you may try to take three from different sorts becaouse cats are pretansious ) and of course food and water bowls.

4. For Maine Coon cats you are going to need a cat carrier and when you are buying one make sure you take in mind how heavy the little kitten is going to be in a few months.

5 . A Litter Box ! Your new friend is definately going to need litter box where they do their thing (and make sure you have it filled with cat sand)

6. Bed for your Coon baby! No matter if you want your cat to sleep with you in the bed, they need to have their space. Make sure they have a comfortable bed and they know it is their safe space, so they can come to you when they feel they want to cuddle.

7. Suitable toys. Maine Coon cats are playful so for you to create a good bond with them it's good to play together and also let them play alone when they feel like it. Consult us for the right cat toys for this breed, we are available for your questions!

8. Grooming tools. This breed has one of the most georgeous hair so they would love for you to keep them tidy and smooth with some good grooming tools. Your vet may have some , or you can order them online, whatever you choose still have in mind the size of their brush might be close to your brush size.

We can help you with all you need to know about your new Maine Coon kitten !

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